This had to be done... There aren't enough cynics around

Political Hazar(e)ds

Political Hazar(e)d

“You can keep me out of politics; but you can’t keep politics out of me”


(Yup, just kidding)

Now it is official, the hunger fast is over, just like the “we-are-no-political party” shouts that echoed through the protests which saw thousands of disgruntled Indians queue up behind the Gandhian. Congress has always played it dirty whenever it senses that things aren’t going its way and it has gone out of the way in being nice to Team Anna despite throwing dirt at them every now and then. A meeting with a minister and now plans to go Electoral doesn’t quite bode well for the movement that seems a bit stretched from its initial intentions.

As correctly said, our nation is ailing. And as with any patient, there are doctors trying to treat  it, only that these “doctors” are politicians and bureaucrats. There is a saying in medicine, meant to push medical students out of their beds into the hospital for ward rounds:

“Seeing patients without reading books is like sailing without a boat;
Reading books without seeing patients is like not going to the sea”

Apparently, our healers seem to have misunderstood and that explains why they are all at sea. Seeing our book-smart leaders doing little to solve the issues, Team Anna jumped in. Laudable indeed... They were backed by media (although I suspect that rather than a genuine interest, it was probably the presence of Amir Khan et al that prompted them to shower the limelight on Mr Hazare). Having set sight on uprooting corruption, he had to take on people synonymous with it. My fickle mind has wavered between wanting him as our president to resigning to the fact that his attempts will be futile. Congress specializes in getting in to get out strategies (remember Telengana?)   

But we must realize that corruption is merely the symptom. The disease is actually the “uneven distribution of power” and ipso facto, money. So Team Anna plans on treating the symptom without addressing the disease, is that plan not flawed? Now they plan to become the doctors themselves, but then, unlike the current bunch that know what the problem is but are simply not interested in doing anything, we’ll have a new set of leaders that will, as per their words, “aggressively try and curb corruption”. That will only worsen the situation, much like an OGcian reviving a new born. Either way, the results will be flawed, even if not fatal.
This is inaccurate and wrong. Apathetic, not Ignorant 

Burdened with a pathetic caste system which has merely been exchanged from the feudal lords to corporate houses for a few lakh votes and a few lakh crores in cash, we still decide to blame the reservation system and the state machinery whenever something wrong happens. We pride ourselves in using our caste as our second names, yet accuse reservation of “stripping” us of our birth rights simply forgetting the luxury enjoyed by our forefathers. The rest of us, make use of the reservation from LKG till our retirement, piss dozens along the way and let our sons follow the routine-even after attaining social success, leaving very little to our brothers that still toil out there. Do we give back to them-whom the system actually intended to benefit before we monopolized it? Of course not...This uneven distribution of power and money continues to thrive in a vicious circle.

So with all this, in a nation with an elitist “step-mom” (a very unJulia-Robertish one at that) attitude, and a population of a billion content with one medal an Olympics, where entertainers make most money, how does a man inspired by another leader who, though successful, had mixed politics, religion and caste, intend to heal the nation by curbing corruption without even addressing the major diseases plaguing the nation? Time might answer. It will just be a move from the apathetic to the Ignorant. And either way, no good is in our sights any time soon.

This is not an overdose of negativity, just my unabashedly hypocritical, yet kind of critical look at the political state of a Nation that has never stopped producing leaders that let its citizens down again and again for a long time now. So for a person at fault for selecting the wrong ones for governance, should I not rot in guilt? Maybe it is my guilt that has inspired anger, anger engendered spite and spite spawned all this negativity(I know... I read HP too), as we wait for a genuine leader that takes the disease down and with it, cures the nation of all its symptoms. Till then, we can joke how congress is to progress as con is to pro, and get conned by pros.