This had to be done... There aren't enough cynics around

Not so NEET

It was just another case for them… After all in their years of experience, this was nothing new. They did the initial examination and decided to take a winter break. They came back, there was something rotten they did further examination, then something more important came by. “This can wait”- They decided and now, four months later, the lives are in jeopardy. Yes-LIVES. I am not talking about one irresponsible surgeon; this is about the NEET-PG case in the Supreme Court. Imagine what kind of uproar we would be subject to should a surgeon take a break in the middle of Whipple’s procedure? Apparently, ethics are for doctors only…

Coming to the issue itself, I am neither pro-NEET nor anti-NEET… I am just a hapless doctor (yeah, I passed my mbbs and then after one year of slavery, I am a doc now) who knows the system is too powerful and would eventually screw him.  And by system, I mean those with money and power. I wonder how some private colleges admit students? There are a few seats filled through the merit system, but the rest- it is a poorly kept, hence well known secret that they go to the highest bidder. So if there are guys that cannot even pass the memory tests the government thinks will sort out the meritorious ones, I guess the future is pretty bleak.

Of course, not everyone will share my sentiments. There are people with rich dads that can afford the capitation fees and become a super specialist before I even complete my post graduation, and then there are people who are benefitted by reservation… That is a controversial area for anyone to touch, but one should not always chicken out from having a view

The ones that say that the 'race' is not fair because of the advantages a select few communities enjoy don't quite take into consideration the fact that the starting point of the race was not the same for everyone...some people are genuinely decades behind and most of those against reservation do not complain about this head-start they've had (an educated grand dad...dad in a stable white collar job)... So stop whining...start running, make use of the head start that the generations have had. But if you are one of those guys who has to make the headway for the family, I apologize. You are screwed. Take a loan, go to some other nation where you are appreciated for your talent and not segregated on caste.

That said, reservation won’t serve the purpose if the same bunch of people are benefited time and time again, It should serve for the empowerment of one generation and the subsequent ones should opt out-leaving it to be benefit someone in more need of it-making it a level platform....Or at least a check must be present to ensure that the same person does not use it to his/her benefit for a dozen times. Should the government not make it a "use-it-once" deal and strengthen the foundation...? I mean, the same guy getting into UG, PG and rising rapidly through the ranks all because of reservation is neither just nor fair.

Since none of that is going to happen, we will have to live with it but the very least we could do is stop yapping about brain drain. If a guy sees another person who is way behind on the merit roll yet makes it instead of his own self, it is only natural that he will be pissed off. And should that dejected guy go to nations where equality is more of equal than in India, we should respect him -unless of course, he comes back with a fake accent in patta-potta-jetti-like-shorts and behaves like the Tamil movies’ America Mapillai-then we could kick his ass. (I hope I have not offended the America Mapillais-please don’t ban my blog).

Now that the fate of a more than a few thousand doctors hanging in balance, the court has decided to take its own time-yet again. In the meantime the private colleges are filling in their kitty. So the next time a doctor asks you to wait, you will now know who is to be blamed…

Having said next to nothing in the past few paragraphs, what I meant was, now, it seems Kamal Haasan settled the issue by talks rather than moving to the Supreme Court for justice. This reiterates the fact that the man is a genius, for if he had gone to court, the verdict would have coincided with the silver jubilee celebrations