This had to be done... There aren't enough cynics around


There are many things that happen in our country that make me cower in shame. Be it the ‘integrated’ caste system that promotes animosity among those who identify themselves with an archaic system or fighting with neighboring states that came to be because of language, but nothing seems more deplorable when a movie becomes a centre of unwanted attraction.

Apparently, the impression the movies leaves is considered offensive to a group of people. I wonder… For all the ‘angry young man’ roles played by Amitabh and Rajini and the apathy of the generation that grew on that staple diet, there does not seem to be an iota of sensibilities in these claims.

Some fringe groups that claim to represent an entire community (although the mere fact that there are two dozen of them means they are nowhere near being a whole representative of their communities) sadly identify themselves with the acts of men from another country with well established fundamentalist credentials. If one were to make a film on the horrific attack on humanity unleashed by Ajmal Qasab et al that India had to contend with, the antagonist does not represent every Indian that shares  and believes in the same religion. 

Men of violence are not men of any religion and identifying one with them is what Kamal rightly called ‘Cultural Terrorism’. Also one wonders where these people were when Captain Vijayakanth and Action King Arjun made 'patriotic' movies every year in the last decade. Also I wonder how Mr. Perarasu managed to release his films given every one of them was an offence to human intelligence.

      So if as they claim every Kamal movie has a profound cultural impact on the society, what would we have seen in the past few decades….??

10.  Every unemployed youth in India starts to become a self sufficient entrepreneur even if it means being technically homeless and way overqualified for the job he chooses. (Varumaiyin Niram Sivappu)

9.       Every corrupt government official has changed thanks to a bunch of martial art exponents who are all incidentally octogenarians . (Indian)

8.    Capital Punishment is abolished and faith in judiciary is completely restored. (Virumaandi)

7.    Every Village becomes free of booze and self sufficient without caste based discrimination despite the wily old politician’s attempts to foil peace. (Unnal Mudiyum Thambi)

6.   Communist party’s vote bank quadruples and every capitalist in town embraces his folly. (Anbe Sivam)

5.    Every stuntman in town ends up marrying a uber-hot surgeon with unresolved credential issues he covers up. (Pammal K Sambantham)

4.    Hugging para-medics becomes the official stress buster for medical students. This is associated with a concomitant rise in Harassment lawsuits against the future docs. (Vasool Raja MBBS)

3.   Gun shots to the neck replace Surgery as the treatment of T4 Glottic Cancer. 


           The stupidity of a certain Mr. President become realized world-wide (Dasavatharam)

2.  All Sridevi-ish 'Mayilu' s  fall in love with Chappanis rather than making Kamal Hassans into chappanis… (16 Vayadhinilae)

1.  Every divorced father dresses up as a woman and prances around in madisaar despite being wooed by his septuagenarian Father-in-law… Wonder why women’s group didn’t protest against this movie… (Avvai Shanmugi)

         It is pretty clear none of these movies have caused any widespread disastrous cultural impacts or anything to say that our people are foolish enough to indulge under the purview of having been left under a particular impression by a movie. This brings us to a conclusion that just like how a rose is a rose and still a rose, a movie is only a movie and just a movie. That said, just because I am lactose intolerant, that doesn’t give me any right to stop hotels making Paneer Butter Masala…

               We are with you, Kamal Sir. And for the rest, Good day to you too…