This had to be done... There aren't enough cynics around

Leading Ladies

They say first impressions are hard to change since the quest to unearth the Higgs-Boson particle has hit a technical snag; I thought why not change the perception of a few friends whose first impression of my ramblings has been a wee bit off. For some strange reason, some anti-social elements-no doubt funded by aliens from Venus, have created the impression that this blog is misogynistic and me, chauvinistic. They could not have been more wrong, I absolutely and totally respect women and my female acquaintances will testify…who am I kidding?

Anyway, to show my respect for women and since complimenting real life females would make them call me sexist, here is a list of women from the idiot box for whom I have nothing but adoration as they broke stereotypes among other things. Since most of the women in our K-series soaps plot against their sisters/mother-in-law/daughters-in-law/husband/brothers/stepmother/stepsister/stepfather, they have been left out.

5.       Cara Mason in Legend of the Seeker
After being a cruel Mord’ Sith under the villainous Darken Rahl, she turns over a new leaf in a truly spectacular first season finale. Then she follows Richard Cypher around as his loyal body guard. As the only character in the lead with shades of grey, she is also the most interesting and the only good thing in a rather disappointing second (and possibly final) season. She makes it to the list for her agility and expert use of her agiels. An interesting add-on is Tabrett Bethell, the actress who played Cara, will be seen in Dhoom-3.

4.       Meredith Grey in Grey’s Anatomy
The Promos said it all… It asked women ‘what would you do?’ and a few geniuses (straight face) answered they would follow Meredith’s lead. One sincerely hopes they did not. Never the less, the promiscuous surgeon makes it on the list because of her ability to land on the back no matter what life throws at her (no pun intended). And to answer the question, ‘What did she do?” She slept around. A lot… before ‘doing’ her boss. Way to go… 

3.       Carrie Mathison  in Homeland
Let’s face it, she was the Star (literally) in Stardust and being cast with a guy whose only expression resembles a perennially stoned hippie, it takes Shivaji-esque acting to compensate, and boy she does it well. With madarosis distracting the clinician in me, she tries to save America which is apparently run by men who suffer from Balint Syndrome (missing the forest for the tree) all alone. As with the rule, she falls for Brody and is all set to prove his innocence. 

2.       Irene Adler in Sherlock
Given she appeared in just a single episode shows the impact of this character-reinvented by the brilliant Steve Moffat.  Seriously, who else can beat Sherlock and literally so? Playing a character with shades of grey and ardent interest in BDSM, Lara Pulver essayed a blinder. Although eventually ‘Sherlocked’ (I mean, who isn’t?) the mere fact that Holmes travels halfway around to globe to save her shows he indeed respects ‘the Woman’

1.       Kate Beckett in Castle
Despite the fact that we have had a whole range of untrained guys help out various police departments (psychics, writers, criminals, pseudo-scientists, Mathematicians, bikini waxers…etc), Castle stands out because of the strength of the female lead. Played brilliantly by Stana Katic, the NYPD detective-fuelled by the desire to get justice despite being denied the same when her mother was killed as a part of a bigger scheme, she easily trumps the likes of Angie Harmon. Also, having a naughty and mysterious side adds credit.

There now judge me....