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On Second thought...

                This post is part of the Chennai Bloggers Club's CBC VIBGYOR BLOG TAG where some of us will write a post on the colours of VIBGYOR each day starting 1st of September to the 7th of September.
The colour theme for today's post is BLUE/BROWN
                   The man’s fascination of the unpaired cone shaped organ somewhere in between the brows made him wonder... was it because of this tiny organ that the human ‘mind’ could think at a given time about a single thing? Was there more to these glands and their pineal sand? His predecessors hadn't fared any better.

                Whether it secretes massive amounts of a psychedelic substance during birth and death or if it serves a higher purpose, we have no clue. After a long evening of thought experiments and discussions, the old man didn’t return home. When his room was opened the next day, he was found dead.
“To solve this murder, I need access to all of Descartes’ works”

“Sure thing doc”

                The blonde girl said to Oser, the mysterious man with eidetic memory. In front of him, there was the gruesomely mutilated body of his mentor- another person who wasted his intellect on pseudo-scientific gibberish. The eyes were dilated and rigor had ensured that a look of ecstasy was etched on the dead man’s face.

                The only giveaway was the all too obvious trans-sphenoidal approach the assassin had used to approach the deceased’s brain. That the killer had left clues around (because he is a pompous psychopath whose ego makes him stupid) meant that this was a game of cat and mouse.
“So it was an experiment gone wrong?”

“Sadly, yes. Dr. Oser”

“So all you needed was to see if removing his second gland would affect him at all?”

“Yes... “

“During that, you damaged the target gland..?”

“Yes... and instantly he went into fits of ecstasy and died almost instantaneously”

“You have no idea why?”

“That’s why I brought you in”

“I’m flattered”

“Don’t be... You made me travel to Europe for no reason at all...”

“Hang on... the eye of Horus looks remarkably like the anatomy of the gland”

“Yeah... but you never found out why”

“Being chased by the Brotherhood was all kind of an adventure...”

                The sheepish tone was evident.

“Well, yeah... but it was all for nothing...”

“I did eventually solve the murder... that’s why there is this glass between us”

“Well, your next plan was to enter the Egyptian parliament... I thought pleading manslaughter was less painful than getting slaughtered”

                There was a painful silence... The blonde spoke again, with apparent disdain.

“Is there anything at all that you know that is of practical importance?”

                He glanced around, had a look at the cops in blue.

“You know Marias, in Germany to be blue’ means being drunk...”


“You know why?”

                An irate nod typifying ignorance was the reply, shamelessly, our hero went on.

“In early days the urine of drunken men was used to dye the clothes blues... Hence the name”

                Marias had to be restrained by the guards as Dr Oser left the room, already geared up for the next adventure.

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