This had to be done... There aren't enough cynics around

Doctor Why

Top things you gain by becoming a doctor.

Agreed- choosing the Medical profession doesn’t give you a path of roses. Gone are the days where doctors were revered. Now we settle for not being reviled. Modern healthcare might have cured millions but it has made billions cynics. But still, all cynicism notwithstanding, there will always be that odd moment in your 96 hour shift that would make the experience worth the while… Here is a reminder for fellow doctors and a shot for dear kids mugging up botany- if you make it you might love it.

1.       Sense of security
Odds are you will have a decent life, without seeing the billion, but rest assured, if you had been a decent student in Med-school and have decent communication skill, you will have a solid practice. You needn’t k now all the –mabs, you needn’t know all CYPs… but if you get the patient’s pulse- you are good to go.

2.       The Satisfaction
Sure enough, your mistake might cost a life, but look at the other end of the spectrum, is there a greater joy than seeing a father recovering to feed his family? The thankfulness in the eye of the hapless spouse or the young kid can help you wade a thousand snide comments from irate attenders.

3.       The Bonds Forged
Nothing beats the bonds forged by blood and sweat and what is a bigger Warfield than a doctor’s workplace?  Dodging bombs, helping hands and covering your hinds are not just for war buddies in green, the white coat has seen bonds stronger than the ionic bond in Salt (and purely platonic ones too)

4.       The Midnight Snack
There is no greater food than a cold snack unearthed from the deepest part of the closing shop to settle your hunger after toiling all day in those five minutes you know will not come again for several more hours. BTW have you noticed the hint of pride every time an Intern or a Resident says he has not slept for ‘quite sometime”?

5.       The Odd Moment of Pride
The First Surgery… The First Thoracotomy, The first Central Line… The first Intubation… You might be blasted in the rounds, bombarded in the OP and ripped to shreds in Mortality meets, but there are those landmarks you will cherish forever with the people who shared those moments with you.

6.       Respect
Say what you want… The title still holds resp… heck it commands respect (even if offered only begrudgingly, we will still take it). Most kids still dream of being doctors and state toppers still promise to be Cardiothoracic Surgeons and serve the villages… Wouldn’t it be rad if your son grew up to become a Brain Surgeon?

7.       Hello I am the doctor
Apart from the original Doctor, the men in whites have rights over the patented line popularized by a host of actors including Tom Baker and Matt Smith…

All is not lost for doctors or for aspirants, there is no profession where you can reach the top without toiling, considering that, all is indeed well.



Karen Xavier said...

Moreover it can never get monotonous or boring, can it... everyday new cases, new patients...
You seem a cut above the rest though, more cooler and funnier... with great taste in sitcoms.

Sai Sriram said...

Always something new crops up... bringing trouble with it... Thanks :) you are very kind...