This had to be done... There aren't enough cynics around

Home Sweet Home

                There were no flex boards, no TV ads, and no fans waiting to catch a glimpse of their superstar... The sudden unplanned visit had thrown the paparazzi off... This was the first time I had a day all for Chennai herself (that’s right...). And as a clarification, my day is not just 24 hours long, by definition; it should begin with me waking up having absolutely nothing to do all day and go to bed later having accomplished just that... Going by the definition, this was my first day back home since... well you know.
                Expecting to be trolled by the autowalas (in Pondy, your destination can be 20 mins away or 56 seconds away, you still gotta pay 40 bucks), and mother of all surprises, the meter was on! Thirty six bucks later, I was greeted with love and a mouthful of laddu by my grandparents and with a mouth full of questions by the neighbour (the conversation usually ends with a prescription of, well, doc-patient confidentiality). The wall above the TV had a new picture, me bowing so low so the minister could give me that medal, so low my face was barely visible and just low enough to bring a smile on the minister’s face (you know why!)

                The lunch was spectacular and it was followed by the reunion of the lead in my greatest love story, yet- me and my playstation... After an intense session where Man United defeated Barcelona and Bayern and Common sense, it was time to catch all Pongal specials... After a traumatic Jilla, it was time to take a walk in the park- the usual lovers and their pranks didn’t bother me as much- maybe because I am in love right now, but still not able to cuss about them did bring that odd salty discharge from my eyes and thankfully, the Elaine to my Jerry wasn’t around...(Ref: Serenity Now- Seinfeld)

                I went to sleep, not counting the day (I had actually spent the morning at casualty and admitting a patient with perforation and (?) appendicitis did little to my morale as the CMO), but the sawn brought a fresh perspective... Saravana Bhavan and its killer sambhar would definitiely be on my bucket list... And the sight of watching cops pay for their breakfast reinstated my hope in humanity, but the mere thought that the bill was paid cuz of jilla sent shivers down my spine. After a satisfying albeit expensive breakfast, it was time to catch the happenings through the eyes of our media...

                First up, it was Rajni and his short story in some gathering, as ever it had nothing to do with the context o the meet, but then there is a reason why a movie that in the name of paying tribute ripped off scenes from Tamil movies, used the worst caricature of a Tamil Female and is downright unfunny paid tribute to Thalaiva and for some reason the lungi dance... Pelvic thrusts I understand but the lungi dance...? Then  we had a neta telling that ‘the charges were mere allegations and that he is innocent until proved otherwise’. As expected he held on to his post tighter than <fill in your own whacky line here>

                During a festival, a young dude was caught roaming around where he wasn’t supposed to be... He claimed to be Caesar’s wife (not Cleo)’s lover... As you would expect, she denied, but Caesar decided that the relationship was over right there...


- his mom asked...

“Is it because of the alleged affair? Do you really believe that she did it/him?”   


-said the man with the Laurel Wreath,

“Caesar's wife must be above suspicion”

                I can hear you ask the point of the story, all I have to say is, Happy Maatu Pongal...


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