This had to be done... There aren't enough cynics around

Love in the time of D....a

                Nah, not this time... NO lamenting about the nice guy... NO berating our lovelorn and war torn folks and chocolate loving, sleeve gastrectomy promoting sleeveless wearing gals. This is just a study on evolution... Mind you, much like the theories of the man who once boarded the HMS Beagle, the following work is thoroughly researched with historical accuracies as good as that of Arnab’s predictions on the Delhi clean sweep by the party with a, well, cleaning sweep...

Love in Shakespearean London

                In the late 19th century approaching a Lady was so difficult that somewh're around that ('r a few centuries eith'r way) they actually had a virgin queen in England. Of course, thou couldst geteth hanged, drawn 'r quart'r'd and hence nay many men wast willing to geteth anywh're clos'r to royalty. During mine recent tripeth aboard the TARDIS, the first female incarnation of the doct'r (thankfully not call'd the gynecologist) i manag'd to  geteth a peek at those bold romancing folks. Sirrah was thither troubleth conv'rsing. . . Po'r men and sadd'r distaff, despite the thick romantic air, stay'd separat'd and sad.

Oppa Gansta style

                Subsequently, we entered an era Where the f**kin might was right n' da guys wit' guns ran not just da show. N' therez Ain't nuthin' but also won ova da singers/dancers/strippers/hookers n' da likes thereof. da gangsta ruled da roost n' mo' than a fair share o' blood was shed in da quest ta win da ludd n' mo' than one goodfella fell off track n' became a mole n' inspired Martin Scorsese. . . p**p didn’t da marimbo rhyhtm  play ta our guys swayin'  lke a bunch o' drunk hippos...

Niruthanum... Ellathayum

                For a while in the nineties, the hippest thing was Mani Sir and his romance in the movies. All girls wanted to marry Arvind Swamy and all guys wanted, well that one thing... a girl to love them whether it was Manisha Koirala or Kovai Sarala. Unfortunately inspired by all those train climaxes, some dirty folks make one wonder if they are trying to, well you know, ‘climax’ in the train. And as with most movies, the cops come just in time to cut the climax short. Subsequently, those lovely miscreants took over parks, busses and became a source of recreation for a set of depraved humans.

New Love in the New World

                I recently came across this little masterpiece which pretty much sums up what we are leaving for our kids....

“And now things are so much different... From a time when she ‘wanted to talk’ meant something good to becoming the ominous sign of break up, to school kids misconstruing infatuation as love to blatant consumerism of emotion, we have reached a nadir”

                He finished his lecture, the first man to have reached the true parallel universe. Here his Ananya was with someone else (apparently the “I wanna talk” talk did happen). Compared to his world, Anan’s house was different; the car was, as was the labradoodle.

                But the kid... he was the same.


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