This had to be done... There aren't enough cynics around

Old Love in Modern Walls

                The dude was staring at the choices offered by FB... Apparently, it thought the he had somehow managed to get acquainted with all those selfie loving girls in real life... But then, if MZ tells something, it won’t be without substance and hence he decided to first screen them before popping that question. The first girl apparently worked at “Dumbeldoor’s Army”... Damn, maybe some private military service, like Atlas... Not the ideal candidate, he thought, before moving on to the next lady- her wall was filled with the tri-colour and “rebellious” “socialist ideas... Given how odds favoured a Che shirt wearing protest loving comrade, it was time to move on...

                Then she was there... Infinite selfies decorated her wall which also showed she was in the process of making manure for her farm- a builder he assumed... Then the kick-starter- this was such a lovely girl that thought eating roadside softie was a result of the Almighty’s blessing... No dear, I’m feeling blessed... he said and after checking for a common photography page where she often commented, he decided to put his new camera to use... Poor kid’s bum? Showcasing India’s poverty? Or that roadside Idly shop with a “woman on fire’ caption? Or just a random shot into the wide horizon??

                742 likes and 24 shares later, he popped the question, “You there in Wassup?”... “Yes”... Now he had her number. After carefully navigating through potential game changers like discrepancies in ‘last seen and double blue ticks’  and liking other girls’ photos and sharing his “Man on fire” photos, what they perceived as love blossomed like Steven Smith in the IPL. There would have been hiccups- like the much maligned talk which could start anywhere from “My Dunky doesn’t like you”, “My granny hates your shirt smell” to the serious-er “You are not possessive/ you are a stalker” (Oru mellisana kodu differentiates those two), but our dude was more cautious than Misbah on a dustbowl but just flamboyant enough that it didn’t end in a losing cause...

                After numerous tests-including but not limited to- running around carrying her bag for matinee shopping, there came the make or break moment- February 14 2015... The day India took on Pakistan... She wanted him to take her on a romantic brunch and he wanted to sit in his comfy pants on his barcalounger and watch Team India play the one match they shouldn’t lose... But he managed it... A secluded hotel- much like the one n VTV- which also had a TV... She offered him the TV view, it was a test, and he refused and took the other chair after all, there was more to the eyes than the match view.

                The meal was exquisite and the tip was generous. As she left with a smile, he winked at the waiter for having offered him the double view- the mirror behind her that showed Kohli run Dhawan out. Then the actual question was popped and YES! They would tie the knot.  After flashing their very intimate love story in the walls of a random photographer who incidentally offered to shoot their wedding for free, they sent FB invite for the 2973 people who were their “friends”... A few more intimate photos followed and now they are happily married... We can very soon expect a cute baby boy or a gal to add beauty to their timeline. God Bless...


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