This had to be done... There aren't enough cynics around

Seven - Oh so sad

                During this particular encounter, I was bothered less about the WC encounter and more about survival... I mean LKG was a pretty tough period. I had not started to speak coherently (still haven’t, btw) and I was picked on by a bunch of rogue UKG kids. Since I wasn’t quite the badass, I couldn’t hand them a whopping and on the other hand, I was saved from a smash as I had then, not evolved into the sarcastic, wise cracking and totally annoying cynic by then.  Looking back, Javid M’s jumps were pretty much the most interesting thing as India began its unprecedented run.

                I had just started to follow cricket and unlike most of the nation that time, I learnt first about Sidhu, who wasn’t doing too much idiom and idiotic speech and damn I am proud that I was a NSS fan long before I took to worshipping SRT. I remember scaring the shit out of a few annas by telling that SRT was out (he had his bat in his armpits while changing the glove) and I was all excited as the wickets kept falling and forced mom to break a dozen coconuts for Pillayar. Sadly, I could neither appreciate Jadeja’s massacre nor enjoy Prasad’s riposte. This in my opinion was probably the best moment of 1996 given how we were knocked out unceremoniously in the very next game

                Was in Delhi for this one... While I clearly remember Sachin’s dismissal in the previous game, I have no recollection of this game. By some miracle, it was India’s bowling that won us. But again, much like the English weather and Delhi traffic, the match was slow and agonising but still somehow ended with Team India reaching the destination. The battle was won and the war was lost, but some might disagree.

                This one was epic... Saeed Anwar was one of the most likeable batters of the era. Be it his 194 (and the applauding Chennai crowd wins a pat on its back) or being the centurion in Centurion, this guy had elegance that eluded even the best of southpaws (which is incidentally a boxing term- so much for class). Then they had Waqar, Wasim, Shoaib and a few other dudes that had it in them to make India bleed red. But there was someone who bled blue and beat them black and blue. In possibly his best against Pak, SRT produced a sublime show laced with authority, grit, panache and jijilpa to ensure we maintained the streak. Sadly, there was a sucker punch from the kangaroos.

                India lost to Bangladesh the same day (I believe) Pakistan lost to Ireland. Given how Ireland had then not yet beat West Indies or England and Bangladesh had 3 guys whose names I knew, we should call it a win for India.

                They dropped the world cup once... Then did it again four times... In his twilight, SRT produced an innings that was typical of Shivanaraine Chanderpaul (neither chanceless nor classy but very effective) that derailed our neighbours as we went on to lift the cup. Sadly, I was posted in the OG department and they did not know what cricket was and worse, thought Pakistan was still a part of India and thought I was lying when I said I was watching the match and wanted me to “come immediately and take BP for that patient whose BP was 130/80”. Way to go gal... No seriously, she has to go that far to be considered a sensible human, let alone a competent doctor.


                Once again, I was on duty- tending drunken donkeys and overacting housewives. Although I didn’t quite catch the match i its entirety, despite what the pundits may say, I will remember it for Kohli’s notoriety... What kind of dude wastes balls to get to his century especially knowing that our best bowlers are Umesh and Shami? We needed every single run man... We can’t expect Afridi and Umar to bail us out everytime...


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