This had to be done... There aren't enough cynics around


The other day, I came across this real life story involving this couple… Three years into their marriage, their quest to get a boy baby had not inched towards success… Preliminary tests revealed that the hubby had azoospermia and for the wife to conceive, ICSI was offered as an option but given the expense, the couple had requested time to decide. While discussing the predicament to a friend, the latter came up with a solution… He apparently went like “Macha, why you want to spend lakhs and lakhs…? All you want is a baby… If you don’t have any issues, can I try (with your wife)? For just 25000 bucks”… Being the true friend (and lover), our man discussed it with his wife. She was like “If I am gonna be doing it with someone else, I’d rather do it with my mama (cousin)”!

As I was greeted with this piece of story, the weariness of travel quickly wore off… A little while later we learnt that yet another friend of mine is set to tie the knot after a moment of silence for our fallen bro, we munched pretty ordinary food in Absolute Barbeque. Ironically their worst dish was the “Wish BBQ”… I wished I had not tasted it… Maybe that was what they were going for. No visit to Chennai is complete without Blurring and after defeating Man City, RM and Barca with Man Utd, we bid bye to Sathyam complex for a few hours.

The Pre “Kakka Muttai” discussions focussed mostly on the perennial single status of meesa and a friend of mine. After coming to a conclusion that our “valarpu” was not proper, we agreed that being a nice guy was probably the stumbling block and a lot more stuff that if written might make things a lot more complicated. The movie was simple, sweet and truthful to begin with and as the layers unfolded with progression, I realized a few things… Good things might not find takers or theatres to begin with but sure enough the triumph will be celebrated… Halfway in, I thought the movie had gotten into me so much, that, I was actually smelling Pizza. The experience was ironic in a way that the smell was from an actual overpriced pizza the dude in the neighbouring seat was munching.

After a peaceful sleep, it was time for Santhanam’s “I.I”. During the ride I came across an extremely catchy song sung by Anirudh but there was this déjà vu and I couldn’t place my hand on it until the radio played “Kadhalikkum Pennin” from Kadhalan… Sabba…. I am sure a bunch of fan boys would call it inspiration and ramble about the 100% hit rate… I’d rather cheer a failed original attempt than exult in the success of a plagiarized work… But since none gives a damn, I don’t give a rat’s hairy a$$ to the nay sayers…

A detailed review of II can be read here. In short, the movie once again reiterated the changing patterns of relationship and that you might be romancing two gorgeous gals, but odds are you will end up with your maama ponnu… Talking of Mamas, we go back to the royal couple we saw earlier. Six months after the ICSI info, the hubby had come back to see the doctors… Apparently, the wife had tried all possible combinations and had not conceived…

He was here asking for other options…


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