This had to be done... There aren't enough cynics around


These are the characters we come across in each department of a med school...

This is that guy in the department who is knowledgeable, skilled and is liked by all. All female interns try to put route for him, but he aspires for higher things. Doesn’t mind if he doesn’t get the next bone marrow aspiration or the next laparatomy, he is sincere and patients adore him. Performs complicated Surgeries (read Devasena).  Most likely to top all super speciality exams, but ends back-stabbed and screwed by his colleagues/ boss.

He thinks he is Doctor House, but falls short, even if just. He tries to steal opportunities from his co-resident and tries to screw Amar in all ways possible but smiles in front of his face. He has that one Chief/ AP for whom he is the pet. Tried to do one complicated surgery where he failed and Amar succeeded. Will ban that procedure once he becomes the Chief...

That one senior who likes Palvalthevan... Although not skilled, knowledgeable and bereft of attitude to amount to anything, he still lingers in the top thanks to the political connections. Has seen his juniors and peers succeed and is bitter. Rags the juniors by not letting them do anything- not even lipomas.

The wise old head of the department... Mostly fair and strict and just... Prematurely announces Amar as the heir and then probably fears the paradigm shift and has he loyalists backstab her favoured son. But ultimately redeems herself by helping Amar in the second go.

The loyalist who did his UG, PG, LIKG, UKG in the same institute... Anything Sivagami says is the truth even if he doesn’t believe in it. Stabs Amar because Sivagamy felt Amar was a threat to the department though he knows better. Eagerly awaiting his chance to aid Amar whenever needed, just like he did in the beginning of the former's career.

Kalakeya Leader:
The external examiner who speaks some strange language and aims to torture and destroy everyone ... just for the sake of it...

The biggest lie in the medical world... None like her exist now or would ever.

The Tribal people:
The paramedical staff... always trying to scare the beginner... no, no, there is the nerve... ayyayyo, pancreas...

The doe eyed fresher PG who has just entered the department...

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