This had to be done... There aren't enough cynics around

The critic in me- 4 in 1

Vaalu-The Time Warp:

The movie takes a plot as old as time itself and presents it in a way so clichéd that you could actually sense the climax in the third scene itself.

A happy-go-lucky dude, who is a college student  jobless vagabond in designer clothing thanks to a doting mom and a drunk loving dad from a ‘oh, so cute’ middle class family, complete with sibling rivalry, spots a gorgeous white girl as she pets a hurt donkey, helps a physically challenged girl, tends a rabbit and instantaneously falls in love. Aided by Nagesh ,Gounder, Vivek, Vadivelu, Santhanam and a series of serendipitous unfortunate events and a duet in ‘phorin’ country, a kuthu song featuring Nayan Thara, makes the girl fall for him. Sadly, there is a maternal uncle, old boyfriend, onnu vitta atha payyan, pakkathu veetu nallavan, adutha theeu rowdy who is madly, okaishly in love with the average heroine. Two interesting conflicts later, a showdown follows, and then the lovers unite.

Hanshika seems so out of place that she puts Rohit Sharma in a ‘batting line up’ to shame. After beating the shit outta every rogue in the street, a sad song and an entirely unamusing comedy track, they fall in love after a massive confrontation with the villain, except we don’t get the showdown as the villain too has fallen for the hero and we could have had a damn revolutionary climax only if the Indian Supreme Court had the same line of thought as their American counterparts. That was why there weren’t any Rainbow flags in the theatre. The above line is like a skimpily clad gal, the fault is in your eyes, folks

VSOP-The Faulty Mixture

The saddest part about OKOK was that neither the director nor the hero has done anything substantial after that Ok Ok movie. While the actor went on to remake the same movie with different heroines, the director has, well, this movie stands testament to his fading success and boring template. We have the same, lame, boring alliterations masquerading as unfunny jokes, the same Santhanam mouthing the annoying lines, crass fat ‘jokes’, dumb protests, cameos, bar song and the friends drinking every second scene. However, Santhanam does score in a few scenes, but we expect more from him, especially as he gets the better looking gal(which isn’t saying much), better lines (which isn’t saying much, either). Arya still struggles to act and Tam… What happened to you???

Romeo Juliet- WTF?

This movie is wrong on so many levels. For starters, its heroine can’t act… Her motive is as stupid as Jaden Smith’s tweets and you don’t want anything good to happen to her for even an iota of a nanosecond. Then stereotyping everything in the movie, right from the ‘rich families lack fun and poor folks are all happy and gay’ to the ‘rich girls wear skimpy costumes, girls with skimpy costumes drink and drunk girls are easy and easy girls are, well, girls’ stupidity.

Rajathanthiram- The Redemption

Finally… A heist movie with all the right elements in the right proportions… Maybe the plot elements were lifted… Maybe the heroine could have done more… Maybe the flashback could be a wee bit believable… Maybe the movie could have been helped with a little more marketing…

If only, Maybe

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