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The Mean Post

Somewhere between reading about a suicidal chick with ‘metal between her legs’, watching a movie that could have been better and tasting a stone like brownie, I was moved. Details regarding that can be read in the final lines because as a fan of Friends, I believe that there should be an moment of pure core emotional value even if the previous minutes were spent on insensitive, politically incorrect jokes for a few cheap laughs… Sorry guys I’m a fan of Seinfeld too.

Yatchan is about a half Ok girl that gets hit by lightning and develops the power to forsee the immediate future which basically involves her telling shouting “I SAW U DIE”. Given how her predictions are as accurate as Chelsea’s strikers, you lose interest when she says she saw our heroes die. Throw in a wannabe actor and poor man’s Jackal (as in The Day of The Jackal), have them switch places and a funny RJ in a Naanum Rowdy than role, you actually have a very promising premise with much to offer but instead, it is wasted on a few gags and fewer laughs. The day of the Jackal was over the moment they cast Arya as the lead. The only scene he seems comfortable in is the scene showing him struggle to act. You can watch this for a few mindless laughs.

When Catherine Tramell crossed her legs, she had motive, she had plans, she had, well, stuff and we paused. The plot was, well, I don’t give a rat’s ass, but the naughty scenes were raunchy. Even though you almost knew that she was the bad girl, you didn’t want her to die. Here we have a chick that got inspired by Castle and tails her boyfriend as he tries to decipher the stupidity and monotony in the lives of clichéd girls and their dumb lives that drives them into suicide, or so you think. But sadly, it was not just that she wrote murders… She murders murder. No really, her motive, her passion and means are so sacrilegious that it is an offence to murder, writers and murderers around. The biggest twist came when the guy we had wanted the heroine to do (which she does) doesn’t actually call himself what she and the writer thought was his name. True that. Here is hoping that the next time is a charm.

Finally, it takes a lot to confide in someone… Even more if that guy is a person you have met just twice or thrice… And to have been taken into trust, even if it is about an absolute random event of near absurd behaviour of a random-er man, it takes a lot. For a lot of people, I have started out as a doctor who gives them pointless pointers and courage to handle their haemorrhoids, and remained in their contacts as the go to guy when they pee blood… But here’s hoping that, a friend will one day remember me as the guy who was once the doctor.

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