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Top 10 Sitcoms

I had a very morbid thought... what would I rather be doing on my deathbed... Go out blaze of glory or die laughing...?  Here's my pick of the funniest on TV. My not being a polyglot and the local media's decision to air exclusive woman vs woman (and not the kind a bloke'd enjoy) stuff means we don't find any local flavor here...I have not seen Cheers yet and M*A*S*H is excluded as it is more of a drama with comedy than a sitcom.

10. New Girl
Its Jess… she sings her lines and dances awkwardly. She has this impeccable Deschanel charm and          innocence that makes you fall in love with her character. Throw in an Indian model and a metro sexual womanizer (a la Barney) and a couple of other guys, one among them a potential love interest, voila..
UPSThe charm of Zooey ("Don't steal my menzies")
DOWNS: The Bromance is a bit stretched out

9. That 70s show
Another sitcom that flirted beyond the expiry date... Had it finished with Topher Grace's and Ashton’s exit, it might have been far higher in everyone’s mind. But then, for some inexplicable reason the skinny nerdy Eric was woefully miscast as Venom in Spiderman-3, signaling the end of both the show and the franchise. But while he was there, he held the show along with the rest of the gang. Blonde Donna and Mila Kunis were probably the hottest things of the 70s. The laid back Hyde and the ‘needy’ Fez and all the ‘foots in asses’ ensured 7 fun filled seasons.
UPS: The references and the dream sequences. And the Circle…("Did you hear about the car that runs on water, man?")
DOWNS: Season 8 (Seriously Eric as Venom? Another franchise died, man) 

8.  How I met your Mother
Started with much promise and it seems a bit lost now. No one really cares for Ted and he is taking his stupid story far too seriously. Towards the end, Lily and Marshall are no longer as funny as they were. Robin is hot. But  Barney???And the Mom???. I'll never forgive you guys
UPS: The outstanding Barney Stinson and the cuts to the future 
DOWNS: They are killing Barney They have killed Barney.

7. Melissa and Joey
Melissa Joan Hart and Joey Lawrence make it work in this almost ‘remake’ of who’s the boss… The premise seems similar but generates more laughs. So will Joe ever get out of being the nanny? Hope the seasons to follow continue in the lighter vein.
UPS: The on screen chemistry between the lead pair.
DOWNS Lack of a strong supporting cast.

7.  30 Rock
Funny in its own right with its set of weirdness, this one has been found lacking the support of audience that is busy supporting reality TV. Liz Lemon is easily the ‘un’coolest woman on air. With Alec Baldwin and an able supporting crew, this seems to be all one can ask for. Tracy’s stupidity and narcissistic Jenna along with the seemingly immortal Kenneth all cook up a politically incorrect but a laughable outing.
UPS: Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin
DOWNSSomething doesn’t seem right

 6. Coupling (UK version)
When UK decided to remake and destroy T70s, US decided to return the favor with Steve Moffat’s Coupling. The original was funny, quirky and interesting with its oddball characters and their goofy actions. It however was not the same after one of the leads, Jeff Murdoch left the show. Never the less, this short and sweet sitcom is as funny as an adult themed premise can get.
UPS: The non linear narratives and references. And Jeff…("Shadeem...Shadeem")
DOWNS:  Can't see it with your parents or your younger friends

5. The Big Bang Theory
2 nerds and a hot chick next door... Throw in a selectively mute Indian and a ‘sleazy’ Jew. These all started the Big Bang. Although I hate Chuck Lorre for firing Sheen, this will keep on ‘keeping on’. At least there are no fancy footballers here to tell the world that it is a sin to have a brain. Sheldon Cooper and his battles of wits against the other characters seems to be the driving force here. And yes, the blonde aint dumb.
UPS:  Sheldon Lee Cooper. Penny.("I cry because people are stupid")
DOWNS: It’s not getting any funnier.

4. Scrubs
JD is easily the funniest doc around. Although they over stretched this one it would still be a blasphemy to leave this out. Turk and Carla, Dr. Cox and Jordan and then the Ross and Rachel of the medical world made the 8 seasons a treat to watch before butchering the final. A special mention must be made of JD’s wild fantasies without which, this might have panned out flatter than Grey’s Anatomy (no pun intended). Thankfully Bill Lawrence ensured we saw the funny side in the men that deal with death.
UPS: The dreams, The Janitor, The Bromance and Cox Rants ("Tiffany, Elizabeth...")
DOWNS:  Failure to go out on a high. And showing Elliot as a competent doc :p

4. Frasier
A very recent addition to my 'sitcoms' folder. It is funny alright- especially when you find out where the inspiration for Sheldon (Niles) and Amy (Lilith) came from, but seriously, there is only that much snobbishness one can take. Never the less, every situation involving the Crane Brothers does bring in a smile, even if you are a die hard Seinfeldian.
UPS: Every time he 'listens', you laugh. ("My wife left me, it was painful. Then She came back, it was excruciating)
DOWNS: Overrated... Damn all those Emmy Awards

3. Modern Family
Although very few people might actually agree and even less actually watch this show, this one is a masterpiece. Funny in its own right without needing a live audience, MF is as irreverent a documentary could get- a divorced father, his hot Latina wife (the adorable Sofia Vergara), his gay son and his partner husband (Eric Stonestreet in his Emmy winning ‘Gay for pay’ act) and the daughter with her 'regular' Dunphy kids- all doing their best in wonderfully woven situations. This is the definition of a mockumentary.
UPS: The characters driven by powerful performances
DOWNS: Has become kinda predictable and Gloria... come on

2.  Friends
Ross and Rachel, Monica and Chandler, Phoebe and Joey- they were an integral part of the 90s life. 8 years after the “I got off the plane” climax, they still amuse us. The “will they, won’t they” going on between the once on a “break” couple, or Chandler Bong’s quirks they made us laugh and cry with them. Phoebe’s argument with Ross regarding evolution, Joey’s impression of Chandler, and Monica’s competitiveness… we have seen them over and over only to fall in love with them all over again.  While still a sitcom, it employed season ending cliffhangers to ensure our undivided attention. The well kept secret of its success was that while called friends, it was all about family.
UPS: Witty lines, funny situations, Regina Phalange and then Chandler Bing.
DOWNS: There was no closure for Joey and the spin off didn’t quite have its heart or brain in the right place. 

1.     Seinfeld
Unlike most other successful sitcoms, you don’t fall in love with the lead quartet right away. My experience was no different and had me wondering what was in this mean spirited, indifferent, silly ‘observational’ comedy. But like ARR’s recent songs, it grows on us and we enter a love/hate relationship with Jerry, Elaine and Kramer. George is the best sidekick one could ever ask for. But still I wonder how the series with a dozen exasperated wide arm scenes per episode works like wonder… still wondering...
UPS: The genuine laughs, The quirks, The aliases, The writing... I can go on and on
DOWNS:  It is not love at first sight and the truly disappointing finale. Seriously, what the hell were you thinking?

 If this is not sufficient we always have our own stars like Vijay, Thriller Manju, Balakrishna to make us literally Roll on the floor laughing... Arrested development is good, but I haven't seen enough episodes to comment...

    Two and a Half men was never the same once Charlie Sheen left towards the end was nothing more than a parade of semi naked women... On second thoughts, if I am gonna go...

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