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Puli- Review

                Disappointment is the difference between expectation and reality... My expectations for Puli were lower than Dhoni’s batting position in a difficult chase on a bouncy pitch... To start with, comparisons with Bahubali are not justified. I mean, that is about the revenge of a kid that is found in a water body, brought up by tribal people, has an epic daddy who got betrayed by his commander in chief and his people, now ruled by a tyrant, love him and remember him. Only here the chanting is done by Devi Sri Prasad who has come up with a music score as unique as the plot of Sura.

                Vijay, commonly called Ilaya Thalabathy, was the most searched actor last year. As you would expect, I was searching for Vijay, the actor throughout the movie. Shockingly, he appears as wooden as ABD’s willow and when he offends Mallu, Tamil and Marathi women and sonnets all in one go, I was like, ‘meh’. But hats off, for he comes up with some lines announcing his candidature for 2021 elections and for the pure guts to stand up to a fair female draped in red, white and black. Bravo.

                Despite the presence of Shruthi and Hansikha it is our Mayilu who is the fairest and fittest and most beautiful-est of them all. Mayilu in a Maleficent-esque role in which she wears so much make upp that it ate up all the money they had allotted for special effects resulting in the poor CGI, especially that black cat/panther scene where Puli and the creature do something behind a bush, so much for it being touted as a kid movie.  

                I liked the second half better than the first half mainly because it was devoid of Shruthi’s awful voice. It was like Vuvuzela and Nicki Minaj had a kid that in turn copulated with the offspring of Komodo dragon and Justin Bieber and that very special creature developed sore throat. She shows more skin than what she had when she debuted and her navel gets more screen time than Sridevi. Hansikha plays a double role- appearing as a completely stunning princess in the first song and the bubbly dumb girl she has been playing for 27 years right after that.

                Chimbudevan showed promise. Here is a tale I grew up listening to from my grand dad as a kid and I was lost in imagination in the world of talking anmals, a gutsy hero, the seven seas and seven mountains beyond which was the cave that housed the bad guy’s life, residing in a lamp. We had invented horcruxes long before JK Rowling was born. Here, he had the means to realise that dream and take us on a trip down that memory lane. Sadly, this is a bad trip and by no means am I referring to a character licking a toad.

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