This had to be done... There aren't enough cynics around

Where is the blood

The Accident:
It was just like any other day... The night shot of tequila and the sweet ride from wor... BAAM... and it was gone... The monotony... The familiarity of the surroundings and the comfort he took in that... all of that was gone in one second. But he wouldn’t remember any of that, for, the moment the helmet free head of his hit the ground, a vessel running somewhere in what the layman calls head had been breached thanks to a coup (see that sleight? All you medicos gotta have diagnosed by now) and he started bleeding...

The Hospital:
As you would expect, he was shifted to the trauma ward almost immediately after reaching the hospital ... Once inside, the bystanders were asked to wait out and 15 minutes after hearing words like ‘GCS 7/15’, ‘Head Injury’ through the improperly closed door, they were seen by a tired looking dude who by the looks of it had not bathed for a couple of days and hadn’t shaven for a week. Obviously the ‘junior doctor’... He explained the grieving parents how their son might be bleeding inside and there was a chance that he might die despite interventions...

The DIL:
The jaded looking resident was in a daze. He had stayed up all night thanks to a hollow visucs perforation and he had just finished explaining a young mother that her husband was gone... flail chest... hemothorax.. ICD was in situ... ET tube was in situ... the ventilator was functioning...but still the patient was no more. And that was when this patient was wheeled in. 21 years... It didn’t require a CT to know that he was sick... lateralising signs... poor GCS... After explaining the ‘DIL’, he was sure that in another 10 minutes there would be an MLA, or an ex- MP, asking absolutely irrelevant questions... Oh the irony of how people actually think a douchenozzle politician and not a doctor can make a difference

Another 15 minutes later, the unshaven dude came again, this time he looked a wee bit bright... He explained how a clot had formed on the outside of the brain and that it was compressing the latter and that the patient was deteriorating and that the Neurosurgeon was on his way to assess and there might be a surgery. Seventeen 'And's later, there was a grim silence and acceptance. The parents had seen their boy- with tubes coming out of most of his orifices- a ghastly sight for any parent. But if that wasn’t enough, seeing him unconscious with absolutely no response must have killed them. But remarkable as we humans are, such experiences don’t kill us... It prepares us... for the worst.

He couldn’t believe it... He had actually evacuated an extra dural hematoma... Guided and helped in the process, he was ecstatic...  After thanking the Surgeon for the chance and the anesthetist for not asking for ECHO, gynecology opinion and making an emergency case 'unfit', he told the relatives that they had done the best and now it was time to wait... And wait he did... as he watched the GCS improve he felt elation like never before... not even the 10 minute appendectomy matched it...

Seeing their son improve, and so rapidly too must have been a joy. Every day, the unkempt doctor would, ask the dude to move his limbs, run a few tests and nod tentatively. One day, he cheerfully declared that the progress was satisfactory and their son would be discharged. Just as he was being thanked, another doctor (presumably, his junior) came in muttered something in his ear, the cheerfulness vanished. He smiled and left, with urgency.

Any resemblance to any person/incident is purely a coincidence and if you happen to be that person, we will meet in court

Always wear a helmet, especially if you are drunk, even if you are walking

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