This had to be done... There aren't enough cynics around

The Year That Was

Usually, this is that time of the year when we predict what would happen in the year to come. Over the years, we have successfully predicted the results of 12 elections, finals of 4 IPLs, the twists in Sherlock and the deaths in Game of Thrones.<AIM> This time around, rather than spending hour staring at Trelawney’s crystals, here is a heartfelt thanks to the Lords of Time for the year of so many heartwarming ups and gut wrenching lows, after all if not for the Chelseas and Shitties, how would we appreciate, nay, identify the Manchester Uniteds ?(I know this might seem silly now… but we will be back with Pep(1) and swagger).

 As I am about to end the 26th year running as a single dude fighting the vagaries of misconception of a feeble human intellect (2), this year was a triumph for chauvinism and humanity when I successfully managed to piss off the entire Ob-Gyn Department and also irritate political mileage seeking douche bag who had brainwashed an unsuspecting patient, the latter, sadly for the former, saw me in a lot more positive light than he would have liked. It did come at a cost. I would never get to see more of that new gorgeous girl in that Godforsaken department (3) and the second incident cost me a trip back home and a chance to see a few blogging buddies (4).

With the beep song getting all the attention for offending people who have no qualms dropping the ‘s’ word and ‘f’ word (5), I did feel bad when  posted a really mean critical post (6) of blossoming authors and movie makers. Imagine if someone had told Tolstoy that punctuation had to be used…? Or to T. R that the general public wouldn’t enjoy him donning sleeveless turtlenecks…? Would we have had ‘War and Peace’? Or the epic-er Veerasamy (7)? Thankfully we weren’t dealing with Leo T or D-Finch (the TR of the west). So as a New Year promise, next year will be a lot less Seinfeldian and no more anti Dentite behavior.

Although I have never experienced true happiness or sadness (what is this salty discharge coming from my eyes (8)), the rise of Chennai to the floods was a warm sensation and there isn’t enough money in Gringotts to buy a sticker to be put on that spirit of Chennai, a place ironically, accused of losing it, thanks to the spirits with a TASMAC sticker on. While the government kept its promise of bringing water right to our house, we are now kind of worried about what we will wake up to should the government promise us cattle at our doorsteps? The stench… The Horror…

Although some dude that stole my phone right in the middle of my duty a few days back and my hopes of recovering it are as high as the morale of Hashim Amla right after getting dismissed at the blockathon (9), I would like to offer my thanks to one of the most happening groups n whatsapp of which I am a part of, for all the laughs and the new friends and the memories. For my mentor, who has left for greener pastures and for every patient that trusted and Him for the wins, here is hoping 16 will indeed be sweet and Legen- wait for it-

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Thesis is up ^$%#@&*!!


Karen Xavier said...

:) Quite entertaining your year was... I skimmed through the mean post, it wasn't that vitriolic. Seinfeldian is a nice adjective to be, life probably makes more sense that way... Have a great holiday season.

Sai Sriram said...

Thanks :) Hoping for an epic 2016...