This had to be done... There aren't enough cynics around


                A small part of me actually likes that singing talent show, it is a part that I hate and am ashamed of, but still it is a part of me. As the truly annoying anchor whose voice was reminiscent of Suruthi’s voice which in turn sounds like the child that spawned when a vuvuzela and the sound of nails scratching a board decided to do it was doing the 347th countdown, I decided to take a break and switched over to the news channel where 7 people were pissed off because the chemistry paper was tough and the Math paper was sensible and wanted grace marks because otherwise 100s would come down. Of course we can’t let that happen with the WC going on, can we?

                Having a dead easy paper, to please the population and throwing that coveted 100% like the freebies thrown at our adults during elections would not only devalue the 100%, but would also destroy the kid that scored only 99%, only neither of them would even realize that their scores have no true value because 6352384 kids had scored as much as or more than them. Instead, a tough test that challenged every taker, where the score is not for the right third decimal but for the chosen approach, we would actually be educating kids instead of producing scoring machines much like our SAF ENG match, only unlike batting, education, like bowling would suffer and die like the characters in Game of Thrones.

                As a guy that scored reasonably well in his plus 2 exams and got into med school to do lower education and then cleared another exam to do higher education and is now cutting people open, and yet failed at a challenge, to be mentioned later, while celebrating his first near solo modified radical mastectomy, I should say that when I look back at the moments that led me here, my plus 2 chemistry paper actually had a lot more to do than I would have liked. Sad, but true... But was all the stress worth t? Have I crossed the most stressful period in my life? Hell, no!

                If we make our kids see the shortcut that is the grace marks, we will ruin their self confidence and integrity and trivialize bigger challenges like his marriage for instance. Just imagine what will happen to our guy if faced with a bride that had earlier liked this about that guy, that about this guy and wanted them both all for herself along with their gay friend and his partner, Shaun... You think he can handle the truth? I certainly do not! So I guess we should stop going after 100% and start learning and teach kids that marks aren’t the end of the world and those in charge that with this system of education, we will not make leaders, only Pappus.

                Oh and the challenge... When I accidentally promised a bunch of friends that I could name 12 colors, I realized that I knew only 12 and three of them were blue. After a friend of mine told me there were fifty shades of black eyeliners, I was like… not at all surprised. I mean, it is not like black is the absence of color and is basically darkness personified, much like Voldemort, only it is not a person but who nose it…?

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