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After the Floods- Part (2/5)

And we are off... 

5.            An Untold Legacy- NC
                This is yet another tale where, should you ask the question “what is in the name?”, not only would you be stripped off your clothes and made to go around T Nagar atop an ugly donkey- both of you buck naked but also, your name shall be instantly changed to Nathampudichapakki. Seriously, what kind of insane, sadistic woman would call her son Vaduvambal?? Call me sexist but I really missed the father character here. I mean, here is a guy who married a pilot from the slums and let her name his children Vaduvambal… Nope… we don’t get a glimpse of this absolute gem of a man, but instead we have this bratty kid that is embarrassed about her name. But spare a thought for her brother… That guy is in for a rough rough life. Never the less, things don’t seem too bleak a few decades from now… Cooum has been cleaned… Slums are gone… Sadly, the mom doesn’t seem too happy about the events surrounding the Chennai Floods… She doesn’t believe that humanity won despite the fact that a photo taken then is the reason she lives in the US of A... Here’s hoping Maya aka V.Ambal marries a hobo.

Verdict: A gritty tale that asks you to live in the slums for a day. And I double dare you to name your son Vaduvambal and if you do, I’ll pay for all his educational expenses.

6.            Annihilation by MS
                This was a shocker. For starters, I actually thought that the unreliable narrator was actually a rat. Then I realized that the antagonists were the rats. But then I felt that rather than having a human with the obvious sixth sense (a direct reference to the publishing house) as the narrator, why not have a rat with the sixth sense as the narrator and see from that perspective. So we have this rat that gets bitten by some hungry radioactive dude from Kalpakkam and becomes Human-Rat and escapes from the clutches of the rat eater. The HR has a better sense of appreciation of music and knows as much about music as Thillu Mullu Rajni and even questioned me about Amutha and Varshini. Sadly, since both of them are married, I couldn’t comment. Then he kills the rats that stole his lover and killed his daddy by gassing a shoe box and then utters the famous “My name is Inigo Montoya… You killed my father… Now prepare to die” with that impeccable accent and then goes off on a date with Anandhi and Bhairavi. We now await a sequel where the lone survivor of the Shoe Box Massacre exerts his/her revenge.

Verdict: Inigo Montoya… Prepare to Die…<with a thick Spanish accent>

7.            Alliance: Agreement: Bond by DB
                This one made me smile and laugh and then cry. The eeroini is a doctor who practices something privately. Perhaps, she is a bathroom singer whose voice, in one go can kill twice the number of people she would save in her entire career in one 5 minute song.  Her prospective Mom in law senses this disgusting super power and tries to pin the blame on the doctor for this accident where her son is knocked unconscious. Oh… it is on the day of their marriage, the ladies see this as a bad omen and cancel the wedding. Although it involves mostly ladies, the eeroini blames the hero for not disrespecting his mom and the custom and tradition and everything poo and pottu stand for.  Eventually, he calls her and thanks to his head injury, he blabbers like a Pakistan cricket team captain answering Harsha Bhogle in a post match presentation ceremony and shows signs of severe head injury as the story ends in a cliff hanger.

Verdict: Vaa Suruthi polam… we want the romance to be continued and is Suruthi an OGcian by any chance??

8.            Alone by PD and M

                This heartwarming, gut wrenching tale about adoption has all the potential to have a sequel along the lines of “Athe Kangal”. Only here, the hero would see water in the eyes of the kid rather than fire as the kid masquerades as an obnoxious old man who is probably a doctor (they make horrible villains… especially if they are fat and wear pink shirts) and kills all the officers responsible for the flood. Sounds interesting? Perhaps, but sadly, the focus is not on a murder mystery (per se), but a tale of guilt and redemption as our hero wonders why people order food rather than request it. Nice thought, except, despite ordering it, you wait for it and still the guys who make you wait are called waiters, so this is an integral part of the absurdity of the food world, much like the price of a Dosa at Saravana Bhavan or the size of the Biriyani at Junior Kuppanna.

Verdict: We are waiting for the sequel!
PS: This is the 2nd part of the “Anthology Review” Series. If you are an author mentioned here, kindly note I had a great time reading your story.

PPS: Part 1 can be read here

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