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After the Floods- Part (3/5)

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Disconnected by AS

                When the first word of the story is the name of the protagonist and the name is Vijay, you expect the hero to actually swim like Sura and save the people stranded in the water or fight the system like he does in Kathhi, Jilla, Theri, Madurae and 50 other movies. But here he eats muesli and is quite helpless as Hema’s sister is stranded in her college (she is probably that spoiled brat we saw in that story with that story with a loooooong title) and when he fades into the oblivion as his wife Hema takes the center stage, you feel for him, much like you feel for a hero of the yesteryears reduced to a supporting role in one of Radhika’s serials. The lady remains disconnected from her colleagues and in the end has her hubby worried about his clients and his staff and the IT Company from Bangalore. Ultimately we all wonder why Vijay is so subdued and human while he could have kicked so many asses even in such little time.

Verdict: The difference between Theri Baby and Their Baby…

Folklore of the Furious Floods by LV

                Reading this tale was like going through the thesis work of an outrageously surgeonish orthopaedician. The references in the bibliography are for things as obvious as the sky and water and Swamy’s tweets (1). Shivam is the protagonist and the Indian version of Ted Mosby and even beats the slutty lead of HIMYM in terms of absurdity and inappropriateness… Sample this, he bores a kid to sleep by telling him a metaphorical tale of the city and materialism and probably hope (after reading Her, we assume). Then his thought process includes onomatopoeias and this guy has a tendency to wet himself. A deeper psychoanalysis reveals that he was brought up by his granny and perhaps it was his Id acting out… or ego? Super ego? It just shows that I didn’t spend enough time with my psychiatry book during my UG days and for taking me through that guilt laden yet blissful trip and for that symbolism of Raghuram Rajan as the soothsayer thai kelavi of that village and for the attempt to explain to the Germans and Spanish folks that will read our book what davra, mama and mami mean to us,  I strongly recommend this story which has one paragraph that is basically a summary of Her.

Verdict: Why did they kill the mother? 1- www.twitter.com

I Gush On- by MK

                Okay, if you haven’t read the story yet, you probably won’t believe what I am about to say. Do you remember the time they asked you about ‘gaav’(I think it means village) in the Madhyama exam and the only essay you had memorized to draw (yup… I read and write Tamil and draw and blabber every other language) was about khavva (I think it means crow) and you write about the crow anyway and add that “such ek khavva me gav ke admi hai ! (couldn’t find that vertical line)” as the last line? That was exactly what I was reminded of… Never in the history of mankind has milk reaching the boiling point been written with such flowery language that adding subtitles would have been appropriate. It is in all possibilities another metaphor…  perhaps it was too meta for the simpleton in me… But still, I missed the part where the author describes the extraction from the female mammals part and thought that this was actually about the TASMAC fluid especially that “surging through the roads during floods “ scene. Eventually, the milk overflows and that’s about it.

Verdict: When the Creator of the Floods reads this story, it will feel like the America Mapillai in Tamil cinemas, and for that we give this story 3 stars.

Lucky Who by KPR

                This was the first story I read, because the author shared it with me long before the book was released for public viewing. Having read his most recent publication, I was half expecting the protagonists to get killed or eaten alive by aliens. Thankfully, unlike the Brexit scenario, common sense prevailed here. Perhaps it was the philosophy in the first scene where a guy called Shiv meets Lord Shiva, an alluring metaphor that God is actually self awareness that the actual supreme force lies within, except if you are Kylo Ren, in which case it lies in Darth Vader’s Helmet (talking of DV, did you hear Mr Trump’s recent speech? He breaths just like Vader and I really don’t think he is the New Hope, Empire strikes out...? perhaps, Hope, no). But why so much profanities? We have kids from Germany, Spain and Ethiopia reading this book… You shouldn’t teach them the word F***… But the tale ends on a misogynistic note with Chander and George ogling a married lady they earlier ogled, separately at different times, whose husband is feeling the burn despite the rains. I mean, what kind of woman chides her husband who makes big bucks in The US of A and then points out at her previous ‘conquests’ in the motherland? Well, it is that kind of woman that says taking dowry makes the man less of a man just like how not having a 6 digit salary with a 5 bedroom house and a four wheeler with 3 iPhones, <space shall be filled when I can come with proper example for 2 and 1 > and zero siblings makes him less of a human.

Verdict: (Aum Nama Shivaya) x 5 times

PS: This is the 3rd part of the “Anthology Review” Series. If you are an author mentioned here, kindly note I had a great time reading your story.

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