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After the Floods- Part (4/5)

The Penultimate part of our series... I was watching Ratchagan while penning this... so excuse the unfortunate references 

Paru by UR

                One of the staple movie climaxes and an even more stapler level in video games is the escape from water. You are either trapped in a sinking ship or your lover is inside a closed elevator as the place is flooded by water… The premise is intriguing. That is when Paru enters, saves a pussy cat, then fights the water and defies all odds, logic, physics, chemistry and biology to save this old lady that was probably looking to drown in her sorrows before the floods even touched her. Never the less, after 10 minutes of breathlessness and no CPR (Paru is not a trained nurse or a doctor or an emergency medical techie, she is either a home maker or an IT professional from Bangalore, like most other characters in the series), the old lady is miraculously revived by a cat lick. Should logic and the rules of modern scientific medicine still hold true, the old lady would have suffered at least a temporary brain injury and might have needed ventilator care. What I feel is that both the ladies perished and what we read is their wishful thinking as they breathed their last underwater like Vesper Lynd did.

Verdict: Shaken and Stirred…

Rains, Dairy Milk, Chocolates and US by SI

I don’t understand the significance of USA in the title, perhaps it is a veiled reference that lingerie can land you in trouble… That’s right Mister Clinton… But seriously why does the girl buy left over lingerie and wear nothing else while cooking? Perhaps she was making Idly Uppuma… Anyway, this total A hole that doesn’t have time for foreplay, which probably lead to a bruised wiener, disrupts her cooking, because she was cooking in her new lingerie which probably came in chocolate flavor as we first learn that he is hungry for food and then later that the growl came south of his tummy, and seriously… a guy that literally talks on your lips to the phone should be punished with serial re-runs of Ratchagan. But still he is an understanding husband, like the guys imagined by the creators of chic lit (not to be confused with Chiclets… those are sweet and tasty) yet he doesn’t call her. I think this lady is living in her own sweet dreamworld where her marriage is not going down the dumps. I mean he doesn’t call her, no foreplay, talks to random folks while kissing her...don't give me the no time bull crap... i am sure he is having an affair with Raveena from the accounts. More important to support our lunatic lady theory is that this lady also thinks that Arsenal has a better record over 20 years! Lady, United won 10 league titles and 2 European Cups. Arsenal??? They won 2 PL titles in that period and lost the only European Finals they played. The rain forces these kids to make forced love off screen and then eat chocolate to make up for all the calories burnt. Now, that is healthy!

Verdict: We want bittu scene!

Safe by SSS

                The lead is a girl that is a student in DAV Gopalapuram. That in itself is sufficient to sin this story. But the story takes up Chaos theory and even without the help of 10 Kamals and Asin, averts a disaster using the rain and the floods as a metaphorical Faraday’s Cage. But the plot contrivances are so convenient that the set up almost sets up a nice chair and has a beer and goes on at a pace that would be shamed by Praveen Kanth's screenplay. The other cell, The GPS, The mistaken date (the Bombay Bombings took place on March 1993, the Riots happened in December) all point to an inept, immature terrorist that Hari truly is (strangely reminds me of Raghuvaran Sir in his SCUBA diving kit while drowning a kid in a swimming pool in Ratchagan). And given how actual psychopaths don't feel remorse, the suggestion that the Chennai Rising made him guilty and become truly humane is as scientifically accurate as Agarkar's yorkers. Perhaps one of his minions had common sense and didn’t mobilize the explosives until the actual anniversary of the bombings… Perhaps they realized that the driver was the mastermind behind the plot…? Anyway, all is well and Suraksha topped the state and became a world renowned neuroradiocardiologist and served the villages.

Verdict: A Liquid Thriller and like petrol is gold!

The High Rise by CW

The first line seemed like the story was heading somewhere else, but immediately, we are treated to a grounded tale of a man’s helplessness. The symbolism suggests a feminist tone. The hero with all the evil in his thoughts resides in a tall building that is probably the representative of phallic symbolism. The smaller high rises are symbolic of the remnants of the Genital Tubercle in the female. So naturally, one of the members of the maternity clan comes up and cleanses our vile hero of all his sinful deeds and misplaced fears and trust issues. But seriously, kudos to the kids for climbing all those floors without the aid of a lift or stuff…  And yet we wonder why we stll don’t have an Olympics medal… For raising the issue of wrongful representation in sports and corruption in the ranks of BCCI (Sports= cricket= Srini Mama= BCCI), we give this story our nod.

Verdict: The tomato’s price, the donated rice and the kids’ rise
PS: This is the 4th part of the “Anthology Review” Series. If you are an author mentioned here, kindly note I had a great time reading your story.

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