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Theri- Review

                Finally, I got to see Theri. My apprehensions regarding its resemblance to Chatriyan were immediately rendered pointless. Chatriyan is a masterpiece where out Captan takes on a menacing, impressive Thilakan and barring the climax, it is a masterpiece. Theri, on the other hand, while not the worst movie (or even worst Vijay movie) is probably the stupidest movie I have watched in recent times. The central conflict is based on an act of sheer stupidity of unimaginable magnitude that it would dwarf the 11th colossus in The Shadow of The Colossus.

                 The hero, much like every third movie cop, takes justice into his own hands and kills off a rapist (alleged rapist for the politically correct folks out there). Then he goes and boasts about his scalp to the dead man’s powerful daddy. Mahendran is fantastic and menacing but to see a man of his stature reduced to this is agonizing. So naturally, the powerful daddy kills our cop’s mom and wife and our hero does what Basha, Jana, Madura, Vedhalam and 729 heroes before him did. He goes undercover and lives a peaceful life.

                Then a teacher amma (Amy Jackie in an awful wig and a weird expression) does investigative journalism and finds out that VJ na is actually a cop and goes about romancing her student’s brother/dad. Then Rajendran, a constable with loyalty beyond measure, spells the flashback where a “hot” doctor (I am yet to meet a single doc that oozes the hotness quotient of even Sam) falls with our cop and makes love and a cute kid. With a dozen pointless songs peppered along a stale story and a plain screenplay, we can literally feel the agony Mahendran felt when his character’s son dies.

                VJ na’s fans see their “thalaivar” ’s charm like how OGcians see Blood- It is the answer to every bloody thing. But why did the villain’s henchmen allow Amy, the kid and Rajendran to leave unscathed in the climax? VJ na is cute daw. How did VJ na get back his car and stuff?? VJ na dances like God daw…What about Rajendran’s family? VJ na daw Thupakki daw. What about logic… common sense? 150 crores daw… But why transfuse for urinary tract infection? It is bloodu daw.

                Despite all the noise and lack of substance, the first five minutes made me sit up in anticipation. The camaraderie shared by Vijay and the kid were blissful and beautiful and for a moment there I thought that finally here was a Vijay movie I could enjoy. As long as Joseph was the lead, it was fine, but the moment Vijay stepped in, it was the flashback phenomenon of every ghastly action movie I had seen before. The Ghost killing is absurd and frankly, there are very little redeeming features and yet, this movie has been called a blockbuster and memes calling people who didn’t enjoy as basically non human entities. So much for art and true art lovers.


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