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Muggles and Murmurs

I would never read that darn script! First David Yates ruined my fond childhood memories of soul sucking dementors and non-internet trolls. Then this... I have no intention of even knowing what happened to the trio whom I thought I grew up with, just like a million other kids of the nineties. I remember how I got my first HP book. It was from a roadaside akka who recommended this book that had a train and a boy in the cover. I had just finished “A Doomsday Conspiracy”- borrowed from library and didn’t understand why a girl was… Never mind.

So the first book went without making much of an impact. Agreed… the Snape is a good guy thing was nice. But the great comeback by Gryfindor was like watching A Miracle on Ice. Then the second book came to me because a van buddy’s mom was pissed off he was spending more time with this book rather than reading for his Quarterly exams. The deal was I’d tell him the story during the ride. God was that book slow. I actually thought of reading Civics rather than bothering about the ‘Mudbloods and Murmurs’. It all changed in the last 30 pages. That was when I was hooked. That Anagram stuff (I am Lord Voldemort) and Harry making sense of that crumpled paper in Hermy’s petrified hands blew my 12 year old brain.

The Prisoner of Azkaban was my favourite book until The Goblet of Fire came on and the PoA movie is still my favourite movie in the series and my respect grew after watching the later abominations. Sirius became my imaginary friend and the lead in my fan fiction- “Happy Rotter and the Piece of…” I flew with Harry when he beat the Horntail and struggled for breath while saving Fleur’s sister. As I realised that despite his successes, Harry was just a kid with the right friends who happened to be at the right place in the right time, I started liking the books more. The fifth was painful and they killed my imaginary friend.

Waiting in line for the sixth was painful and agonizing, mainly because it was my dad doing the waiting thing and United were losing the match. I was in Med School and between assessments, but still I read as Harry learnt about Horcruxes and watched his mentor die. I guessed who RAB was and that Snape was a good guy. The final book gave me closure and warmth. The hunt was not quite the most impressive of quests, but it was what we wanted and liked. The Battle at Hogwarts is perhaps my most favourite of chapters in the whole series… The Molly vs Bella duel... And Voldemort died a Tom Riddle, the confused man who had been destroyed by his ego, sacrifices and the Malfoy family. That is how you finish a series (I am talking to you, The Dark Tower)

Then the movies ruined the whole bloody thing. Snape shushing Harry is probably my worst memory from a movie hall, and I watched Sura, Vallavan and a dozen other crappy movies. Then Voldemort bursts into flames in the final instalment! The whole point of his actual death like a common man was to not glorify that racist, sexist, psychopath-Not you Mr. Trump.  And now another bunch of folks want to milk the franchise… They want to tell us what happened after the Dark Lord was vanquished. They want to show Harry as a failed father of a son in turmoil… They want us to believe that the story goes on until Harry dies of old age/killed by reborn Voldemort. But no! Harry Potter, to me ends when JKR announced that All Was Well. That is it. This isn’t it.

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