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Boys 2

Boys... It was movie that drew criticism for its mild adult tones the exact year we gave Dhanush his hat trick with Thiruda Thirudi, which had a few funny adult jokes. Hypocrisy? Perhaps not. Recently, while discussing about that movie, yours truly suggested that the 'coming of age' genre was a tricky one, much to the bewilderment of a couple of my friends who were like, "Dei, if it was indeed a coming of age movie, why did they call it Boys da?". Since I had no answer to that question and I did have 150 pages to fill in my log book, I walked away and that was when they hit me, the idea and a sparrow's excrement. While in the bath, winning imaginary arguments with my imaginary girlfriend, I developed the script for the sequel.

The movie starts with the band disbanded and penniless after they were sued by AR Rahman for stealing his music. Harini, the smartest one, leaves the group and is engaged to an aspiring actor from a very powerful political family. Here is where we introduce a director called Ram Dhopal Xarma (RDX) who has taken Harini's fiancée (from now on, the dudee) under his wing. A small flash back shows us how RDX was a promising director before he was felled by his vices and was now the butt of all terrible director jokes and tropes. He wants success and wants it so bad that he is willing to cast the completely talentless dudee just so the kid's dad's might will help him. 

Munna is so depressed that he takes drugs and slips into coma and into a world where his dad is an IAS officer and he romances Trisha and becomes an MLA but is swiftly woken up from that blissful world by Bob Galy, who had entered a reality show, won it, acted in a few successful movies before being destroyed by movies like Pazhani, Thiruthani, Thenkasi and Erumanayakanpatti. Juju, on the other hand lost weight, fell in love again, lost his lover and roamed in trains with her corpse before realising that there would be absolutely no media spotlight after that sequence. Krishna, eventually found that his true calling was music and became a successful composer and has now severed all ties with the Boys band.

Back to reality, Munna wonders what happened to all that charm... I mean the last time he sang in that MTV award function, the audience acted as if they were in a trance... Bob, now a veteran of the Arts tells M that it was bad direction and that a part of the extras used in the scene were literally high and the rest had watched the 764th re run of the MiruthangaChakravarthy climax and were trying to ripen the jack fruit on stage. Munna decides to win back Harini, but this time without Shakar sir's and Sujatha Sir's help. And that is when they come to RDX, asking for help. Given how Munna had worked under Mani Sir, RDX accepts the offer, not knowing that Munna's flame is actually his protégé's bride to be.

The rest of the story  is about how Munna scripts RDX's take on Sholay, how during the audio function he notices Harini who now hates dudee because our script demands so and how RDX, having realized his predicament commits suicide, handing the director's chair to Munna who helms the movie and makes it the grotesque failure, ruining dudee's career and his chances of marrying Harini. Munna then boards a train back to Chennai only to be greeted by Assault Sethu who wants a biopic made. Munna then convinces another young director to watch a Korean Movie and then Ghost Directs Jigarthanda and a massive success ensues and Harini reunites with him. We finish the movie showing the audience the title of Munna's next adventure, a feminist epic titled  Iraivi.


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