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Ananta Sesha Naga- A Critical Analysis

Sample this… A section of people are oppressed and shunted to the depths of hell. Their matriarch decides to avenge the injustice. She captures a beautiful lady and trains her to become a seductress. The young girl, who believes that her family was murdered by a group of tyrants, sets out to strip them of their powers so that, when the time comes, they are vulnerable. She also carries the heir to the throne who grows to become a monster. It takes the combined might of Devas, Asuras and the Nagas along with several sacrifices to defeat the monster conceived in the fires of hell. He does fall, but not before his mother ensures that his lineage continues. If this isn’t an intriguing premise, I don’t know what is. So if you thought we have our own Song of ice and fire, you are wrong... by a long stretch. The writing is so shoddy that it insults our intelligence every third page.

Why doesn’t this book, much like the space bar in my laptop, work? For starters, you get the feeling that the book was written in some other language and then translated into English, without respecting any of the rules of writing. Logic takes a back seat-understandably so. I mean, we have a snake lady that has intercourse with five men and all their sperms penetrate the ova and give birth to a bad guy who somehow has access to his mom’s stomach. I don’t know much about snake sex, but I believe that their gastrointestinal tracts and their uterus (whether snakes have uterus is another question) aren’t in continuity. But we accept that because, that is willing suspension of disbelief and give the author poetic license to alter anatomy. But what I can’t accept is the aberration that the author calls as poetry. It is just words with a lot of space between them and they make less sense than a drunken man when high on cocaine.

The writing style is insipid and the editing abysmal. We are confused as to what era the story is taking place in. We have Vishnu talking about being more interested in sleeping rather than saving shrishti and on the other hand we have people mastering organic chemistry. The world here is a four tiered structure. Top layer is where Gods live, and then there is Boolokha, then paathal loga and then Garba Loka- where the bad snakes stay. But why those folks are digging down to reach Pathal loga which is basically above them beyond me. I see you are angered by my inconsistency in spelling Loka, but in the story a dude changes his name between paragraphs. But then, his brother ‘deflowers her bosom’ a girl who just had sex with 4 other guys. Also, he goes ‘down’ from ‘her flat belly to her cleavage and bosoms’. So what do we know?

We have two dozen named snakes and apart from six of them, the rest have no need to be named. Also there is a Naga brother called Cobra. Yup… the parents must have been high. Anantha Sesha…   Mahaneel… Shankapala… Eyarawatha …Takshaka and then…Cobra. Pretty cool, aye? And we know as a fact a few of them are borrowed from mythology. Their lives are altered liberally. All of them are heavy, lusty and have dumb ‘drunken guards who sleep like a bull’. All of them are seduced by this golden snake called Swarna aka Golden Death. They give her their Naga mani, I thought it was their testicle, but apparently they have only one mani and have to ‘vomit it out’ and it was covered in ‘vomitus, semen and pus’. Again, why does semen ‘come’ out of their mouths or why there is pus, we have no idea.

If one removed phrases like ‘deep glass eye’, ‘crushing her bosom’, ‘spit his mani out’, ‘curves’, ‘ugly demon’, ‘innocent and pure’, ‘moaning and groaning’, ‘deeply thrust’ the book would be shorter by 200 pages. If they then got rid of all the abject adjectives and trimmed down passages like ‘he used herbs, sandal, jasmine…<10 other items like rose, curd and fruit juice!)’ And like say, “…He pulled his long slim shining sword and all the generals touched the tip of his sword with their tips and shouted…”,the premise might have saved the book. But in this case, although not the worst book I have read this month, still give it a miss.

Boy do I need some decent books now

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